H20: Just Add Water

H20: Just Add Water is an Australian show that is very popular amongst young teens, about three mermaids. What is a mermaid? Watch the show and take the quiz to find out.

Do YOU know a lot about H20: Just Add Water? YOU DO? Prove it. Come on, I DARE you. What are you waiting for? I mean, you got nothing to loose.....except your dignity.

Created by: Alexa
  1. What are the three main characters names in the show?
  2. Where did the girls turn into mermaids?
  3. What is Cleo's best friends name that is a boy?
  4. What is Rikki's boyfriend's name?
  5. What is the first episode's name?
  6. Who does Emma love?
  7. What power does Emma have?
  8. What power does Rikki have?
  9. What power does Cleo have?
  10. Who is Emma's sibling?
  11. Who is Cleo's sibling?

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