How Well Do You Know H2O Just Add Water?

H2O is an Australian Television series following the lives of 5 different mermaids played by Brittany Byrnes, Cariba Heine, Claire Holt, Indiana Evans, and Pheobe Tonkin!

Are you a mermaid too? Do you have what it takes to become fin worthy? Until now you could only wonder, but thanks to this splash tactic quiz, in just a few seconds you will find out! YAY!

Created by: Cleo
  1. In the first episode, Metamorphosis, who steals Zayn's spark plug?
  2. What happens to Emma during the first full moon?
  3. What is Cleo's power?
  4. When does Rikki find out about her power?
  5. Where does Emma find Gracie's locket?
  6. By the end of season 2, who knows about the girls being mermaids?
  7. In the first episode of season three, The Awakening, which two new characters do we meet?
  8. Does Will find out about Bella, and in which episode?
  9. When did Will find out about the other girls?
  10. When did Will find out about the other girls?
  11. What is the Juicenet changed into and Called?
  12. Who is Wills older sister?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know H2O Just Add Water?