How well do you know Good Luck Charlie?

Are you smart enough to take the quiz about 'Good Luck Charlie'? This time you will figure out how much of a genius you really are. How about you take this test and find out!

Are you a big fan? Well, taking this test you are sure to find out! Take this quiz and see how smart you are about this hit show Good luck Charlie!! I hope you have fun taking the quiz! Good Luck!

Created by: Georgia
  1. Where does PJ work most of the time?
  2. What is their mom's name?
  3. What is teddy's friends name?
  4. Whats the youngest boy's name?
  5. What was teddy's baby doll named?
  6. What is their dad's job?
  7. What movie did Gabe's friends and him watch?
  8. What did the mother eat before she had a baby?
  9. What is Gabe's bikes name?
  10. Why is it called good luck charlie?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Good Luck Charlie?