How Well Do You Know Good Luck Charlie?

Everybody loves one of Disney's newest television shows, Good Luck Charlie. Good Luck Charlie is about a baby girl named Charlie Duncan living in a very "special" family. With many twists and turns along the road of her childhood, Charlie's older sister Teddy Duncan carefully video tapes every moment of Charlies life, to give her tips for the future.

Have you ever wondered if you knew the answers to any Good Luck Charlie Trivia? Well, you probably didn't. But if you take this quiz, you'll truly find out!

Created by: DragonzEye
  1. Who plays Teddy?
  2. When is Gabe's birthday?
  3. What is the name of PJ's band?
  4. In the end of Boys Meet Girls, which sibling does karate on Joe?
  5. Here's a hard one. What is Gabe's basketball number?
  6. What is Teddy's boyfriends name?
  7. What company does PJ work for?
  8. Could the average human lick his own armpit?
  9. In Kit and Kaboodle, what is Kit allergic to?
  10. In Charlie 1, how many Tyler's are at the doctor's party for his son?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Good Luck Charlie?