who are you on Good Luck Charlie

there are many fun people but fun people have small heads they are smart but not as much as nerds you could be fun if you take my quiz. it will show you if you are smart.

are you fun do you have the brains like a walnut you would've never knew but now you can. take my quiz and see if you are fun. you might have the brain as a walnut but you might not be fun now you can be both.

Created by: j18
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  1. your car is falling off a mountain with you inside what do you do?
  2. you need help getting to the mall your friend does not pick up what do you do.
  3. what kind of toys do you like playing with
  4. do you like playing with your friends
  5. how many friends do you have
  6. You are at a ball you fart everybody looks at you what do you do
  7. What is your favorite sport
  8. Favorite electronic
  9. Who is your favorite singer
  10. You are fighting a shark do you think your going to win
  11. you have your first breakup in public what do you do
  12. you have your first fight with your friend what do you do
  13. who would you choose
  14. what is your favorite color
  15. do you have glasses

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