Which Weasly Are You?

Welcome to the which Weasly = are you quiz you will determine which Weasly = you are out of percy ginny fred gearge and Ron Weasly = which one will you be good luck hope you like it.

So do you think you got skillz to be George Weasly = I am sorry to say I couldn't put Charlie or bill Weasly = for I don't know much about them but this is my 1st quiz ever so keep critizim low.

Created by: oscar01
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  1. You really get annoyed by a new proffesor that won't let you use magic you.
  2. Your favourite part about school is.
  3. Some on asks you to duel them do you...
  4. The dueler ya ask you what time?
  5. Where are ya gonna meet?
  6. You meet in the duelin room what is your first spell or movement.
  7. Your opponent get hit by rictumsempra and aims back with a stupefy you have 5 seconds before it hits you use.
  8. You've dodged the attack now you use.
  9. Your opponent surrenders and gives you 35 galleons for your opponent is very wealthy you.
  10. You decide to buy lollies with it what's your first choice of lollies.

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Quiz topic: Which Weasly am I?