Which Peanuts Character are you?

In Honor of the Peanuts Movie, I have created a quiz preparing your for the Charlie Brown spirit. Are you ready the Good Griefs and the AAUUUGGHS!!!

If so, fantastic! Get ready for the ultimate Peanuts experience, right here on the Gotoquiz website. So prepare your five cents, footballs, security blankets, and typewriters, `cause it`s your quiz, Charlie Brown!

Created by: R. R. C.
  1. You have a nickel. What shall you do?
  2. What catchphrase?
  3. Can you kick a football?
  4. Dressing Style
  5. Favorite Hobby?
  6. What Peanuts Residence?
  7. Baseball Position?
  8. Do you like a certain someone?
  9. Favorite running gag?
  10. Who's your favorite?

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Quiz topic: Which Peanuts Character am I?