How well do you know German?

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This is just a simple test to see how well you know some things about the German language. It's nothing really special but it's just a quick quiz I thought of c:

Let me know if I should make more quizzes like this or try something new like a different quiz type and give me some ideas ^-^ I take requests on quiz ideas and drawings~

Created by: Mz Czar Millz

  1. What does "Haben Sie einen Wunsch?" mean in English?
  2. What does "Ich finde den Pulli echt stark!" mean in English?
  3. What does "Was machst du nach der Schule?" mean in English?
  4. Translate "Who is that?" in to German.
  5. How do you say a formal goodbye in German?
  6. How do you ask how old someone is in German?
  7. How many different ways can you say "the" in German?
  8. What's the formal way to say "you" in German?
  9. How do you write fourteen in German?
  10. How do you write twenty in German?
  11. What does "die Tafel" mean?
  12. (Does not effect your result) Do you like German?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know German?