Germany social credit test

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Is german social credit test, a test to test you citizen of german or not or you a loyal citizen or not, made up by anggela to discover who citizen and spy.

An effective german social credit test, try to beat it if you citizen, but if you gonna executed, 26 quiz to beat, to show you a german citizen to other people not trust you.

Created by: Thegiantwall
  1. Who win franco pruso war?
  2. What year the east german and west german united?
  3. What the tank made by german from ww1?
  4. What best weather to invade russia?
  5. What is one of central power?
  6. What the false of major event in german reich?
  7. What is one of axis power?
  8. Is german the best?
  9. Who name of the leader of german when ww1?
  10. What the timeline of german?
  11. What the eanglish of "fùr deutch" ?
  12. German take poland on?
  13. Is finland axis?
  14. What greatest leader on ww2
  15. What happen on march 1945?
  16. Is german the richest country on E.U?
  17. What gender of german president?
  18. Who win warsaw battle?
  19. Who destroy france empire?
  20. Who win stalingrad battle?
  21. What name of german anthem?
  22. What emblem of german?
  23. Do you respect german president?
  24. What happen on 2022 on german?
  25. Wich you like?
  26. What your favorite news?

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