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Napoleon has been defeated, but his ideals remain in Germany. Together, the German states have defeated his attempt at European hegemony. The German people have had a taste of freedom under the liberal Bonaparte, and they also learned how much they can achieve together.

With ideals of freedom and unity becoming ever more popular, change seems to be on the horizon. In this period preceding the 1848 revolution, called the Vormaerz, progressive student fraternities (Burschenschaften), the gymnastics movement (Turnbewegung) and many intellectuals are radical believers in change, while the wealthy bourgoisie (B├╝rgertum) is more moderate, and the reactionaries and conservatives, who lead the new German confederation, wish to turn back to simpler times. Which faction can you identify with?

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  1. Do you believe that the fight against the French and their emperor was a just one?
  2. Are the provisions of the Congress of Vienna adequate?
  3. Do you have a favourite poet?
  4. Do you believe in the ideals of the Wartburg Festival of 1817?
  5. Conservative poet August von Kotzebue was murdered by a fanatical student. What is your opinion on the murder?
  6. In part as a reaction to the murder of Kotzebue, the Bundesversammlung in Frankfurt has instituted the Carlsbad Decrees, limiting freedoms even more. Was this justified?
  7. Revolution in France! This July, the French toppled the Bourbon King of France, Charles X., and made his cousin, the liberal Duke of Orleans the new king. May I ask for a statement?
  8. In 1832, thousands met at Hambach Castle in what would become known has the Hambacher Festival to demonstrate for political freedoms and German unity. Was this a good thing?
  9. The French government of Adolphe Thiers has demanded Germany give up all territory west of the Rhine! How do you want this "Rhine crisis" to be dealt with?
  10. Revolution! After the French overthrew King Louis Philippe earlier this year, uprisings have begun all over Germany. How will you react?

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