How Well Do You Know Famous People Of North Dakota?

North Dakota seems to be thought of as having no faous people. Take this quiz so you can figure out that there's more here than agriculture and honey,... BUT FAME!

Are there famous people in ND? Of course. If you take this quiz you may be surprised at the people who lived here. Or maybe not so surprised, if you are from North Dakota yourself.

Created by: google lover
  1. Who had a musical TV show, an was born in Strasburg ND?
  2. She was the voice of Peg on Lady and the Tramp. She was born in Jamestown.
  3. He is a rapper and song writer. He was born in Minot, ND. He was born in 1987.
  4. She was an actress and model. She was born in Bismark in 1974. Se was Carl Bobby in a movie.
  5. He made a record of home runs in 1 season. He graduated from Shanly. He also had cancer.
  6. He acted in ABC All My Children. He was born in Minot. Played the role of Leo du Pres.
  7. She was born in Kulm, ND. She appeared in more than 50 films. She was an actress.
  8. He was known for Mr. Bubble Buble Bath. He lived in Medora.
  9. He got 16 ribbons from the Airforce. He also got 1 service medal from NASA.
  10. She was given the Theodore Roosevelt Rough Rider Award in July 1979. She was a mother of 18 children who got a post high school education.

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Famous People Of North Dakota?