Should You Live in North Dakota

North Dakota is a state with many exciting people, food, and festivals. And don't forget about Medora. We have a huge sky and plenty of farms, and we know when to get down and dirty.

So what about you? Could you make it through harsh North Dakota winters? Do you think that you should live in North Dakota? Thanks to this quiz, after just a few short clicks you'll be able to know1

Created by: Isabel

  1. Do you mind constant wind?
  2. What is a blizzard?
  3. Can you eat buffalo?
  4. What is a lake?
  5. Wanna see the biggest buffalo ever?
  6. Where is the monument for the center of North America located?
  7. Is it really the center of North America?
  8. Do you love Scandinavian heritage?
  9. How badly would you miss trees?
  10. Is North Dakota in Canada?
  11. Last question: Do you think you should live in North Dakota?

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Quiz topic: Should I Live in North Dakota