How North Carolina are you?

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Many people live in North Carolina, but not a lot of residents know the state fish or how many lighthouses there are. I had to look up the lighthouse question.

Do YOU think you know your North Carolina facts? I hope you do, because this quiz is jam packed full of facts about North Carolina! So you might want to do some studying :)

Created by: annakatcarey

  1. What is/are the main ACC teams in North Carolina?
  2. What is the capital of North Carolina?
  3. What is the middle region of North Carolina?
  4. What is the state bird?
  5. What is the state flower?
  6. What is city is Biltmore outside of?
  7. What is the state fish?
  8. True or false. The first plane was flown in North Carolina.
  9. How many counties does North Carolina have?
  10. How many lighthouses does North Carolina have?

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Quiz topic: How North Carolina am I?