Will you be famose

This quiz is meant to be for fun and tell you what you will become and if you will suceed some people won't but heaps will and I will tell you why because

People who are more positive and know what they want to do they will most likely succeed in life which is great however some people want to be very negative

Created by: Kc

  1. Who would you look up to (chose wisely)
  2. Where would you live
  3. What Disney channel would you perfere
  4. What celebrity would you spend a day with and where
  5. What Celebration is better
  6. What would be your favourite show as a cartoon
  7. How old are you
  8. Do you want to get married
  9. If you got married where would you get married
  10. What shape is your favourite
  11. What's love to you

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Quiz topic: Will I be famose