will u b famuse 1 day?

their are diffrent people out there and you are one but will you be famouse take this quiz to find outif you are and if you are you will have a lot of money

will you be famose one day can you get all the ansews right if so u can be a actor or actress and tell thoose people that said you cant be one and then the will think no i was wrong

Created by: stuffanimallover87

  1. what movies do u like?
  2. are you kind?
  3. what do your friends say about you?
  4. what do u like 2 do?
  5. do u like sports?
  6. have u been 2 disneyland?
  7. whats your favorite pet?
  8. whats your favorite pet?
  9. what type of person are you?
  10. what your favorite music?
  11. what your favorite music?
  12. what your favorite music?
  13. what your favorite music?
  14. what your favorite music?

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