social responsibility

The world has a billion people. Only a handfull suceed. Business people are those ones who suceed and they are Smart ,clever and know the advantages of csi. Are you a businessman. Do you have great csi knowledge.

Are you a smart person. Do you know everything about csi. You could only dream of being a genius. Now you can confirm your fears. Are you a genius or just average. With this quiz you will find out

Created by: zuvaan

  1. Companies deem it worth its effots to invest and develope the community. True or false
  2. An example of CSI [ corporate Social investment] is
  3. All Companies engage in CSI
  4. A postive effect of CSI for the business is
  5. A negative effect of CSI for The Business is
  6. Clinics were built in this area as part of Company X Csi Programme
  7. A postive effect of csi for society
  8. A negative effect of csi for society is
  9. Small and medium business implement csi
  10. Why do the above companies in Q9 do not implement Csi
  11. Has csi benefited society
  12. Do you think csi is good
  13. Should business engage in csi activities
  14. Goverment encourages csi. Yes or No
  15. Goverment influences csi
  16. Banks engage in csi. True or false
  17. Legislation influences csi
  18. Compeitors influence csi
  19. Companies have csi policy
  20. What is the correct defination of CSI

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