Which Social Network is you

There are many people on social networks these days but only some people truly good at using them. A good social networker is someone who follows all of the rules on them.

Are you good at social networking? Do you know how to qualify for this mind-blowing quiz. Until you took this quiz you could wonder which social network your like the most. Thanks to this quiz you will find out soon.

Created by: Admin
  1. How often do you post statuses on facebook?
  2. How often do you post statuses on facebook?
  3. Do you post on instagram
  4. Do you start online fights?
  5. How often do you cyber bully?
  6. Did a famous person ever notice you?
  7. Did a famous person ever notice you?
  8. Do you like your things private?
  9. Are you always on facebook?
  10. Do you go on instagram often?
  11. Did you ever put lots of embarrassing photos on a social network
  12. Do you like apps better or Internet
  13. Do you prefer ipod or computer
  14. Which site out of these choices do you trust the most
  15. If a anonymous person messages you what do you do?
  16. How often do you watch videos?
  17. Do you like fans (fanbase)?
  18. Do you trust facebook people like Cookie Monster for example
  19. Where do most people get real online dates from?
  20. Do you trust facebook games over video games

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