Are you in love with Louis Tomlinson?

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There are many Louis Tomlinson fans, but are you one? Take this quiz and in a few minutes, you'll find out! Okay so have fun and be a Louis Fan! Do your best

Why are you reading these paragraphs, when you should be doing this quiz? It is quite easy, I think, so take it and have heaps and heaps of fun! 3 apple game... GO!

Created by: Siennaloves1D

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. When is Louis' birthday?
  2. What is Louis's favourite animal and why?
  3. What member is Louis known as?
  4. What band was Louis in before One Direction?
  5. Who is Louis' girlfriend? (As of August 16 2015)
  6. Which one is NOT one of Louis' tattoos?
  7. What was Louis' signature clothing?
  8. Where was Louis born?
  9. What is Louis' sisters names?
  10. What did Louis perform on The X Factor?
  11. Last question: What is Louis' favourite colour?

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Quiz topic: Am I in love with Louis Tomlinson?