How well do you know Dying Light?

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Hi guys I'm Gamer Girl 9003 and today I'm making a quiz on a video game called Dying Light! It is my #1 fave game ever! Thanks for listening to me blab on!

Easter Eggs: if you want to find more Easter eggs, search "All Dying Light Easter Eggs" on YouTube! Hints: to take out Screamers, shoot 'em or run to them real quick to calm em down. Gas Tanks: run up behind em and hit their gas tanks. Let em all fly!!

Created by: Gamer Girl 9003

  1. Lets start off simple, what city does this take place in?
  2. What happens here?
  3. Who is the bad guy?
  4. What's the main character's name?
  5. Who does first Jade or Rahim? (Not saying either of them do, though)
  6. Which type of zombie blows itself up?
  7. Is there a second Dying Light? If so, what's it called?
  8. What so the zombies turn into at night once you get far enough in the game?
  9. Which is NOT a weapon in the game?
  10. What's your fave zombie?
  11. Which enemy spits acid on you?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Dying Light?