The islands of the Abarat

The Abarat books are written by Clive Barker. They're about a girl named Candy who lives in a boring place called Chickentown, Minnesota. Some how she finds herself in a vibrant new world called The Abarat.

Let's join Candy on her grand adventure in The Abarat! Meet me at Hark's Harbor! Together we'll play the game and light the light house and travel into the unknown!

Created by: The Lady Of Midnight

  1. What island was Kaspar Wolfswinkel forced to live on?
  2. What island is in the shape of a 'great head'?
  3. Which island is home to the insane asylum?
  4. Which island's landscape is constantly changing?
  5. Which island is home to the Twilight Palace where Princess Boa lived?
  6. What island is home to the cavern Hap's Vault?
  7. There are hordes of sacbroods living on what island?
  8. Pirates and Buccaneers are found on what island?
  9. Odom's Spire is also known as?
  10. On the Midnight hour of Gorgossium, the castle Iniquisit once had how many towers standing?
  11. What island has ruins of oracles and temples where there is said to be whispering voices?
  12. What island does not welcome men?

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