Universal Orlando Quiz

This is a quiz made by Jonathan Schooley that will test you to see if you really know your Universal facts! **Did you know that Universal Orlando is together with the television station NBC? If you did then you will probably do great!**

This 10 question quiz covers information on Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios along with their attractions and special events. You will also need to know general information about park dates.

Created by: Jonathan Schooley
  1. Universal Orlando opened in what year?
  2. The sister park to Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, opened in what year?
  3. Which ride/attraction was not in Islands of Adventure until a year after the park opened?
  4. Which attraction not only has MINIMUM height requirement but also a MAXIMUM height limitation?
  5. Which show at Universal Studios does not use pyrotechnics?
  6. What is used to propel The Incredible Hulk Coaster through the Gamma Tube. (What do the LIM's use)
  7. During the show parts of Revenge of the Mummy what is used to move the cars along?
  8. What attraction was supposed to open at Islands of Adventure when the park first opened but didnt until just recently?
  9. Universal's Halloween Event started in what year?
  10. Who was the icon for Halloween Horror Nights in 2003

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