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  • i am happy to be rated as Fr John lemoyne.i would like to become a salesian if God allows .pray for me

    paulaneesh May 24 '13, 8:16AM
  • I am very happy that I am Blessed with Michael Rua!

    selcia Jan 19 '13, 3:36AM
  • i am happy .i am father john lemoany

    chrisy Jan 25 '12, 9:10AM
  • I have been reviewing the Wicki of St. John Bosco and I am shocked at how it rambles on about trivia and misses the essence of the Order that he founded and the work it performs around the world. The Wicki also lacks citations easily provided from the Salesian Press.

    I hope to be able to offer some insight as witness and encourage the author to the use of better source material.

    The educational methods of Don Bosco are still highly relevant to our times and are especially useful in the inner cities where children need to be taught reason, logic, love, respect, and a trade. Most of all they need to know that they have an inner spiritual life and they need to be taught how to develop it.

    pmunnis Oct 20 '08, 1:05AM

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