How well do you know Don Bosco?

Many people have heard about Don Bosco, but how many really know the juicier details of his life? What color sunglasses did he wear? What was his middle name? How many siblings did he have?

Think you know Don Bosco well? Take this quiz to see who you are in his world! (Come on, give it a try - its not an easy quiz! Everyone loves a challenge!)

Created by: Brittany Harrison of IntotheDeep
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  1. In what year was Don Bosco born?
  2. What was the region of Italy that Don Bosco was born in?
  3. How many brothers (including half and step)did Don Bosco have ?
  4. Did Don Bosco have any sisters?
  5. What was John Bosco's middle name?
  6. On what day was Don Bosco born?
  7. What was the name of the city that Don Bosco was ordained in?
  8. What was the name of the kid that Don Bosco met on December 8, 1841 in the sacristy and inspired him to begin his work with the young?
  9. What did Don Bosco call his place and program of learning, games, music, and prayer that he provided for the young?
  10. Don Bosco was very devoted to Our Lady of ________. Her image hung in the Turin basilica.
  11. What was the name of Don Bosco's spiritual director who was known for his prison ministry?
  12. The educational method which Don Bosco developed is called the ______ Method.
  13. This pope ordered Don Bosco to write an autobiography.
  14. Don Bosco sent his first missionaries to _____ and _______ in 1875.
  15. The formal name of the Salesian Sisters, whom Don Bosco founded in 1872 is the __________________.
  16. Don Bosco's teaching method is based on ____, religion, and loving kindness.
  17. Pope Leo XIII asked Don Bosco to help build the Basilica of _________ in Rome.
  18. Don Bosco died on January 31st in this year uttering the words, "Love each other as brothers . Do good to everyone, harm no one... Tell my children that I await them all in heaven".
  19. ***EXTRA POINTS!**** What color sunglasses did Don Bosco have to wear due to eye trouble?
  20. Don Bosco's special devotion to Mary, which he passed down to the Salesians was under the title of _________. He built a basilica in Turin in her honor and said that every brick signified a miracle through the intercession of Our Lady.
  21. Don Bosco founded three main groups himself, although 20+ groups are a part of the Salesian Family. These three main groups are the Salesians of Don Bosco, the Salesian Sisters, and the _________.
  22. Don Bosco's two greatest devotions were to _______ and _______. You cannot be a faithful Salesian unless you are faithful to the ______.

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