How well do you know CNCO?

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This quiz is about a Latin band group called CNCO. I cam up with this quiz because I love CNCO, and I am obsessed with them too. So I want to know who else knows a lot about them too.

Also sorry if the results come up as kind of rude if you get a low score! I am really bad at giving feedback so I am sorry. And one last thing: Good luck!!=)

Created by: Nyasia M Rosado of this site
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  1. When was CNCO created
  2. Who created the band?
  3. Which member is the youngest?
  4. Which member is the oldest?
  5. Where was Erick born?
  6. Where was Joel born?
  7. Where was Richard born?
  8. Where was Christopher born?
  9. Where was Zabdiel born?
  10. Lastly, which CNCO member do you think is the cutest, most perfect amazing person? This will not affect your score!

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Quiz topic: How well do I know CNCO?