what PRETTYMUCH member is your ideal boyfriend

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I made this because i was bored I hope you enjoy i tried my best and i still have homework to do but ill do it later PRETTYMUCH is a boy band but they are not like other boy bands

Im sorry if some of them are weird i did not know what to put but I hope you get a good percentage on this I might do more like this but for other boy bands like IRL(in real life),CNCO,Piso 21, and others

Created by: BEANZ

  1. Do you like PRETTYMUCH
  2. which one is the house mom?
  3. Who is the messiest right now
  4. which one uses their phone the most
  5. What does "BEANZ" stand for
  6. which 2 have Hispanic in them
  7. Who is the loudest
  8. Which one has glasses
  9. Which one has dreads
  10. which one is pure Hispanic
  11. Which one has the high notes on most songs
  12. which one barely has parts on songs

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Quiz topic: What PRETTYMUCH member is my ideal boyfriend