how well do you know Cars 2?

Hi welcome to my quiz! now lets see if you really know Cars part 2!! ok! so uh yeah let's continue shall we? thanks...bye! goodbye now! bye-bye! bye?

And we're off! fly away! I said FLY AWAY!...ok fine i'll justget on my unicorn and fly off it's quite ok i'll stay then...arent you gonna take the quiz?

Created by: Kierra_LOVE

  1. Who was the first car to appear in the movie?
  2. what color was the laser from the ship?
  3. Who is Holley Shiftwell?
  4. Who is Mcqueen's girlfriend?
  5. Is Mater a real Spy?
  6. How was the American Agent killed?
  7. What color is the giggling japanese car from the bathroom?
  8. what did the french car say that made Holley upset?
  9. Is Professer Zundepp German?
  10. who is Uncle Topelino?
  11. What does Mater call Francesco Brenoulli?
  12. Do you think ur gonna get a good score?
  13. have fun with ur results!

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Cars 2?