How Well Do You Know Attack on Titan?

Well, now that you are probably reading this summary, why don't you take this Attack on Titan test? Test your knowledge on the anime and manga, Attack on Titan. Beware of spoilers!

How well do you think you know Attack on Titan? Well, why don't you test your self a little bit? Take this Attack on Titan trivia to find out how well you know the Attack on Titan manga and anime. Beware of spoilers!

Created by: Potato
  1. Lets start off basic questions, then we'll move on to the harder ones. First question! Who is the main character of Attack on Titan?
  2. Second question! Mikasa Ackerman's relation to Eren Jeager is what?
  3. Next up! While in the Trainee Squad, Eren failed what test?
  4. Which other body part is a Titan's weak spot?
  5. Which character is iconic for her obsession with food?
  6. Titan shifters must do what in order to transform?
  7. Erwin Smith is the only Survey Corps member with?
  8. In the last episode of the anime, what was different from the manga?
  9. The Survey Corporation's logo is what?
  10. Eren has a vow to what?
  11. Krista Lenz's real name is what?
  12. Who is the shortest character in Attack on Titan?
  13. Who is the Colossal Titan?
  14. Eren's titan ability is what?
  15. What year does Attack on Titan take place?
  16. Ymir and Historia are what?
  17. Eren's dad's occupation was what?
  18. Mikasa has what under her right eye?
  19. How old is Ymir?
  20. Mikasa's iconic feature is what?
  21. Eren's Titan has been named?
  22. Levi is very passionate about what?
  23. Petra Ral died where?
  24. Eren has never killed a Titan in his human form. True or False?
  25. A Titan has never spoken. True or False?
  26. Hanji is a..?
  27. Who was the one being bullied in the first episode?
  28. A red flare (in the Survey Corps) stands for what?
  29. While being chased by the Female Titan, Levi did what?
  30. A purple colored flare stands for what?
  31. A blue flare signifies what?
  32. Last flare question.. What does the black flare stand for?
  33. Other than blades, what other weapon is used to kill Titans?
  34. The 3DMG does not have what?
  35. You're almost done!
  36. Levi usually does what before battle?
  37. What did Levi do to Eren in the court?
  38. What was the name of the Titan who could talk and had some what of an intelligence?
  39. Levi once owned a..?
  40. What was Sasha's consequence for stealing a potato?
  41. The next question is the last one!
  42. Attack on Titan's world is mostly inspired off of what country?

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