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  • Um, I'm sorry but I hope I don't sound rude but some of the answers are wrong, Eren is not the Colossal Titan and Hanji is a girl maybe you were confused but they did use female pronouns for her character and she does look like a woman to me well that's just me. And if you do one of these again please make sure you do your research correctly and Levi is one of the shortest characters in the Anime and once again make sure you do your research and make sure to ask people who are huge fans of the anime or manga if it's true or not and if you don't know anybody then watch the show again and again until you understand everything and know everything about the show. I hope this didn't sound rude if it did then I'm sorry it's just I can't handle quizzes like this where the answers are completely wrong some of them at least.

  • there are many things wrong with this quiz, one being the fact that some of the questions are unclear like the titans weak spot. The Achilles heel is a weak point that many characters take advantage of because its hard to defend even for titan shifters, i get that it doesn't kill them but that doesn't changed the fact that its a weakness. Other than the ones greg pointed out, Erens titan cant control titans only someone with the founding titan power and royal blood can. Eren only could when he came in contact with Dina Fritz's titan. there are lots of other things you weren't clear about or were just wrong about so honestly you should just delete this quiz or fix it completely

  • I agree with those two people. Also, try using Quotev to make a quiz instead of this website, I promise you its much easier.

  • im so sorry, but the questions dont make sense. if you do more research and rewatch, then most of the answers would be different. there were also a lot of spelling mistakes and you didnt make the questions clear

  • i think ur the one that hasnt watched the anime bc most of these are wrong lol


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