How well do u know Tori from victorious

There are a lot of people who watch victorious. Take this quiz to see if u know ur facts about Tori. These are tricky questions. so see if your smart about Tori

Are u a victorious maniac? I know i am. test ur skills and see if u get perfect. Try your best and know your facts to get 100 percent. Good Luck to everyone who takes this quiz

Created by: Annie Ladenberg
  1. Wat is Tori's last name
  2. Who was the first person who met Tori(besides her sister)
  3. What's the name of her school
  4. What's the name of Tori's sister
  5. What's Tori's Blood type
  6. Who was her old boyfriend at her oldschool who Cat dated
  7. What is the theme song
  8. Who was Tori in love with the first day of her new school
  9. Wat was her name in Icarly
  10. Wat is Tori's real name

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