what victorious charcter are you

hi my name is diana and i am so happy about my quiz being published so i reall hope you rate comment ad enjoy this quiz as much as me thank you soo very much

how do you feel happy with your results no well dont be mad there not that accurate so it might be wrong so i hope no one get any thing too bad thanks so much

Created by: Diana

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you worry alot?
  2. when poeple say thing to you do you take it as an insult?
  3. do you feel your a laid back person?
  4. are you a hot guy?
  5. are you smart nice and shy?
  6. can you sing
  7. are you all about yourself?
  8. do you complain a lot
  9. are you verymean?
  10. are you controlling?
  11. are you a nerd?
  13. do you have musical talent?
  14. are you cool?

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Quiz topic: What victorious charcter am I