would you survive being a soilder

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do you want to know if you would be a good soilder? well now is your chance to find out.also to find out how good you are at paintball. are you one of the people who will prevail victorious

this quiz will ask questions such as are you fit,what is your gun experience are you stealthy ect. this quiz is a good quality one. my email address is [no emails]

Created by: evan

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what type of gun would you pick?
  2. what type of grenade would you pick
  3. are you fit
  4. are you strong (you better tell the truth or else there is no point in taking this quiz)
  5. what is your age (sorry but I did something wrong the other time)(be honest)
  6. do you have experience with firearms
  7. are you overweight(be honest)
  8. are you stealthy
  9. are you squemish(sqee-mish)
  10. are you able to drive
  11. have you ever driven a helicopter

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