Can You Survive A War?

Not many can survive a war but there are only a few ways to find out. There is actually going to war or there is just taking test like this one.Are you a recruit, privet, captain,leutenant or general.

This will determine if you are A good or a bad soilder. If you are brave, courageous, loyal, and a good soilder. All soilders start off as regular people, would you be a regular or heroic soilder.

Created by: David

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  1. What is the best bunker?
  2. Wich is an explosive?
  3. Wich is best to use againts aircraft?
  4. Wich has more fire power?
  5. Wich is Highest in Comand?
  6. Wich is better for attacks?
  7. Were do you go to snipe?
  8. What is not a military weapon?
  9. Wich is not a hand used explosive?
  10. Wich has more armor?

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Quiz topic: Can I Survive A War?