how will u survive z day

there are some people who could survive. survive what? Zombies, thats whatso get out you weapons and get ready!!!!okay now take it already. go go go take this quiz.

are you good enogh to be the survivalist or the stoper of it all then take this quiz and find out!!!!okay now take it already. go go go take this quiz.

Created by: justin
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you own can you use and operate a gun.
  2. can u drive and operate vehicals.
  3. u see a group of zombies, what do u do?
  4. you have a choice, you have to choose between someone to bring with u on your team who would it be:
  5. how many people would u want on your "team".
  6. you have a friend that got bitten what do you do?
  7. how do stay alive long term.
  8. u are in a tool shop what would u use
  9. how do you like to kill zombies
  10. were would you think the safest places will be
  11. do you own a zombie survival guide
  12. what's your favorite color

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