The Victorious quiz

Do you want to know how well you know Victorious? Well if you do, this is the quiz for you. You might do well or you might not do well. Please try my quiz.

Do you pay attention when your watching a T.V. show? If you watch Victorious, This is the quiz for you. You might know a lot about the T.V. show Victorious just take this quiz to find out.

Created by: Abbey

  1. In the Victorious episode "The Birthweek song", how much money did Trina get for Tori's song?
  2. In the episode "Beck falls for Tori", What is the first costume Cat made?
  3. What episode did Tori have to do a play about a bird to audition for another play?
  4. When Jade jumps Beck, who is the girl she thinks he likes?
  5. In the episode "the wood" who 2 people do Jade think are dating?
  6. Fill in the the blank for the sentece that Jade says to Cat in "Rex dies". Go make friends with the nice .
  7. What color are Tori's eyes?
  8. In the episode "The Birthweek Song" When Tori was recording the song, who did the guy say that wanted to record the song?
  9. What color are Trina's eyes?
  10. In the episode "The didly-bops" What was Andre drinking cause he was upset that the music producer's didn't axept him?
  11. Did you like this quiz?

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