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  • Henry was Vlad's BFF and drudge, Vlad had more than one enemy, and Snow is Vlad's Girlfriend. He doesn't love Meridith. Remember in the fifth book I believe, He stood up to Meridith and told her what he saw in Snow that she didn't have. Plus in the end of the fifth book, Snow (now a vampire with glowing green eyes) and Vlad were there together with Henry and October.

  • Henry is Vlad's BFF and drudge. Snow and Meredith were both his gf.

    And his enemy's are Vikas, bill and Tom, ect. Vlad's also saved snow. So if you made the questions more clear or make it so you can pick more then one answer your quiz would be awesome.

    Kmg 1212
  • Kmg1212, Vikas wasn't Vlad's enemy. He was Otis' friend that helps protet Vlad. Vlad's enemies were D'Ablo, Bill & Tom, and Ignius. Snow wasnt ever his gf because he felt guilty because he still loved Meredeth. ^-^.

    And y did I get 92% but it said i got all the q's right???

  • Hmm... 75%. I love that series.....

  • 17%, i havent read the book


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