how well do u know the chronicles of vladimir tod?

you did awsome please take new second quiz i worked so very hard on makeing this new quiz so please take new quiz thanks p.s. i'm done with the asking girls out s---

you did awsome please take my new quiz i worked my hardest on makeing this quiz so please take it i beg of you?(:3) very hard so please take it!?!?!?!

Created by: the vladster

  1. what is henry to vlad?
  2. what is vlads gf's name?
  3. at what age did vlad bite henry?
  4. who is vlads uncle?
  5. who is vlads enemy?
  6. what i vlads aunt's name?
  7. who is the kid that stalks vlad cause he's a vampire?
  8. whats was the name of the goth kid that vlad saved?
  9. what do they call a vampire that is born with a half human side?
  10. what language do vampires speak?
  11. will you rate?
  12. will you comment?

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