How well do u know the best youtubers ever (The KREW)

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Hiiii I'm glad ur taking this quiz it's a long one but thanks so much! GOOD! Hope u enjoy and LOVE funneh even more after this! I'm proud of u for taking my quiz!

In this quiz u will answer 16 questions about the KREW. If u get below 40% GO WATCH MORE VIDS GURL/BOI! I suggest watching at least one vid before u take this quiz.

Created by: Jr. Potato

  1. when is funneh's birthday?
  2. What is funnehs real name?
  3. What is rainbows real name?
  4. What is golds real name?
  5. What is lunars real name?
  6. What is Dracos real name?
  7. Who did funneh do a collab with on human fall flat?
  8. What is funneh's undercover account name?
  9. Do u think u will flunk this test?
  10. How many people are in the KREW? (Easy)
  11. Do u love the KREW?
  12. Who is the sassy one?
  13. Who is the cringey joke teller
  14. Is there anyone better than the KREW?
  15. Who likes purple
  16. Who is EVIL!? 😈

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