Which monster high character are you??

I absolutely love Monster high and have 7 dolls, I always go searching for a good quiz but am never satisfied... So I made my own!!! I hope you enjoy taking it, if any doubts just comment!

I hope you get whoever you liked or want! If not, take it again ( I normally take quizzes 3 times! ) ps I love Draculaura!! Hope you will enjoy taking the quiz!

Created by: Yumyumyum
  1. What is your style?
  2. What is your favourite colour?
  3. Choose a symbol...
  4. What is your favourite hair colour?
  5. What pet would you have if you were a student at monster high?
  6. What monster-stylish hair-do would you have?
  7. You would rather be a....
  8. Your favourite class is..
  9. Where do you like to fang out with your Ghoul friends?
  10. Who do you think make the best two friends?

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Quiz topic: Which monster high character am I??