whick character are you on monster high

there are many fun people. True fun people have a brain the size of a walnut. a fun person is someone who always laughs. there point of view is always laughing.

are you fun. who are you on monster high find out now. thanks to my quiz you get to see who you relate to in monster high in minutes. if you want to see if i'm lying even though i'm not try out now.

Created by: j18
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  1. you are surrounded by sharks what do you do
  2. you lost your ball when it did a big bounce and it landed on the sun what would you do
  3. what super power do you want
  4. do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend
  5. what's your favorite color
  6. do you have a bossy brother/sister
  7. what color eyes do you have
  8. what color hair do you have
  9. what color shoes do you usally have on
  10. when you were in the middle of a school dance you fart a loud one everyone hears what would you do
  11. have you ever met someone you like
  12. what monster would you want your dad to be
  13. what color lipstick would you like
  14. what's your personality
  15. what out of these catch phrases is your favorite
  16. what's your favorite thing to have in your hair
  17. what's your favorite thing to wear
  18. favorite hobby to do

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Quiz topic: Whick character am I on monster high