Which Monster high girl are you

Do you know Monsteer High well if you dont before doing this quiz go watch an episode then come back okay/so if you know it this is a quiz that tells what girl you are from Monster High.

well, i hope you will like this quiz because i think that it is a very good quiz I made it myself!if you get who you want congratulations but if you did not try agaian maybe youll get who you want this time!

Created by: me234

  1. what is your favourite colour?
  2. Which Describes your pearsonality?
  3. Which do you want to be???
  4. what whould you do if you saw a poor kid outside?
  5. Do you like Monster High????
  6. which of these are your shoe type?
  7. who do you want to get?
  8. whi is your favourite singer?
  9. pick another favourite colour
  10. READY...

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Quiz topic: Which Monster high girl am I