What Monster High Boy Would Date You? (Girls Only)

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There are many monster high quizzes but this one is the funnest! Try it out and see what you think! I HOPE YOU LIKE SO MUCH YOU WOULD LIKE TO TAKE THE QUIZ AGAIN! :)

Have you ever wanted to know what monster high character are you? Well you're in luck... Try out this fun quiz that will make you love monster high!!!

Created by: farty10
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Boyfriend's Killer Style:
  2. Freaky Flaw You Don't Mind:
  3. What Activity Would You Like Participating it With you Boyfriend?
  4. Your Biggest Pet Peeve:
  5. Fav School Subject:
  6. Least Fav Subject:
  7. Favorite Color:
  8. Favorite Food:
  9. BFFs:
  10. Bye!!!

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