Monster Hunter 3 Tri Quiz

This quiz is about my favorite game Monster Hunter Tri! I'm putting this quiz up just to see if people know as much or even more about Monster Hunter then I do.

This quiz is mainly about when do you get this how do you get that where do you fight him and this and that. By the way there are some funny answers not all serious Monster Hunter stuff!

Created by: Devin
  1. What HR do you have to be to be able to fight Alatreon?
  2. Can you fight Monster Subspecies in MH3?
  3. What is the first Long Sword you can unlock in MH3?
  4. When do you unlock the Lvl 3 Guest House in online on MH3?
  5. The Top 2 Best Armor in the Game is?
  6. What weapon does the Argosy Captain give you after defeating Ceadeus?
  7. Where do you fight Jhen Mohran?
  8. What 2 monsters will always come to area 8 if you pick up the Wyvern Eggs?
  9. What is the rarest item you can get from Alatreon?
  10. Who is your best friend on offline mode?

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