Which Monster Hunter Monster Are You?

Ever wonder which monster from Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate you could be? No? Well, take the quiz anyways to find out! You may just be surprised or completely amazed at how time consuming and a waste of time this way.

Do you like games? Are you bored? Do you want to waste perfectly good time on a completely useless quiz? YES? alright, lets go. May you be blessed with something great.

Created by: BlooMahBoo
  1. Which Best Describes You?
  2. Which Clothing Style Do You Prefer?
  3. What Do You Want To Eat?
  4. Which Animal/Creature Do You Like Best?
  5. Whats Your Favorite Color?
  6. What Movie Genre Is The Best?
  7. Which Game Series Is Better?
  8. Which Armor Set Are You More Likely To Get?
  9. You're Down To Less Than 20% of Your Health, Last Life, No Potions, No Resources, but The Monsters Limping, What Do You Do?
  10. Did any of these questions make any sense to you?

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Quiz topic: Which Monster Hunter Monster am I?