What character of 'a monster' are you ?

'A monster' Is a french fiction not famous at all. But the characters of this story are interesting and have a this little ambiguous thing related to the universe where monsters exist.

Now ? Do you want to know of these characters the one that share the most common point with you ? The most important are here. Just try them out and see to begin with if you would be a monster or a human.

Created by: Seybile
  1. (first, excuse me for the language quality. I must admit that it's been a long time since I last practiced english.) How do you look at yourself ?
  2. You are exploring a cave with your group when you meet a woodle (terrifying monster with sharped claus and intimating teeth.) What do you do ?
  3. Your friend is facing a monster that is believed to be very powerful. But this monster think that your friend is powerful to and fear it while it's actually not the case. What do you do ?
  4. What do you do during your free time ?
  5. What do you prefer to eat ?
  6. What do you think about monsters ?
  7. What do you hate the most ?
  8. Out of these, what could you be ?
  9. What of those do you always have on you ?
  10. Out of those powers, which one would suit you the most ?
  11. If you were an animal you would be ?

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Quiz topic: What character of 'a monster' am I ?