What Would Your Monster Be?

There are many different kinds of monsters in the world. Some of them live in the city, some in the country, some live everywhere. Each type of monster has a personality of its own.

This quiz will show you if one of these wonderful monsters will present itself to you, and become your companion. Will your friend be the cuddly Fluffy, the scary Slashy, or even the protective Slimey? Take this quiz to find out!

Created by: Carol

  1. When you first see your monster, what is your reaction?
  2. How big would your monster be?
  3. How intelligent would your monster be?
  4. What kinds of noises would your monster make, if any?
  5. What color and texture would your monster be?
  6. If you were beaten to the ground by someone, what would you want your monster to do?
  7. If you looked deep into your monster's eyes, what would you see?
  8. Is your monster seen by many people?
  9. How did you meet your monster?
  10. Finally, where does your monster sleep?

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Quiz topic: What Would my Monster Be?