Which Godzilla Character are you?

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Which Godzilla monster are you? Do you like to breath fire and jump high? Do you like To curl in a ball and tackle opponents? Do you like to teleport and tear your opponents to scraps? This is the game for you?

Are you Godzilla, the King of the Monsters, Biollante, the plant monster, Gigan, the alien quickster, Mothra, the ancient protector of humans, or Anguirus, the spiky armadillo?

Created by: Jack
  1. How do you overpower your opponents?
  2. Are you strong, quick, or strategic?
  3. What beam would you like to shoot?
  4. Who would you work for?
  5. Are you good or bad?
  6. If desperate, would you attack your teammate(s)
  7. Where would you be from?
  8. If you attacked the cities, where would you go first?
  9. What do you use your fists for?
  10. You can also ______.

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Quiz topic: Which Godzilla Character am I?