What Godzilla Monster are You?

There are many different Godzilla Monsters, but you can only be one. You can take this quiz to find out. Are yo an Earth guardin, or a destroyer? Proceed to find out!

Did you ever wonder what Godzilla Monster you are? Well, don't we all! If you want to find out, please continue to the quiz. I assure you you won't be disappointed!

Created by: Nicolas Tauzier
  1. What is you favorite Godzilla Monster out of the ones listed?
  2. If you were a random monster, you would
  3. Would you help or destroy the humans?
  4. You are
  5. Another monster crashes down from a distant planet whatever, the first thing you do is
  6. Did you come from another planet?
  7. Are you an alien?
  8. Do you prefer nuclear energy, or destruction?
  9. Do you live on monster island?
  10. What monster out of the ones listed is your most hated?

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Quiz topic: What Godzilla Monster am I?