What mythical creature are you

Hi I'm going to figure out what mythical creature you are, and so are you. Ok? Thx. Possible results: unibunny, unicorn, Loch Ness monster, big foot, or Godzilla.

Now go do the quiz because it is cool and you should try it. If you are going to be on the computer all day, do something interesting for a change. (No offense to whatever you do) Bye!

Created by: Unb224
  1. what special feature would you have
  2. Land or water
  3. Choose a color
  4. Dog
  5. You arrive at a big city, what do you do.
  6. Are you cute?
  7. Has the military ever been after you
  8. *ye music plays * Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da DaDa Da Da Da Da Da Da Da...
  9. cheese
  10. Im a bored r u
  11. Second to last
  12. Lasty last

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Quiz topic: What mythical creature am I