How well do you know itsFunneh and the Krew

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This is The How Much You Know ItsFunneh And The Krew take it and see your results. Remember it's about ONLY itsFunneh and the Krew notin else. I wish you luck!

Please dont cheat on every question those are the rules but the most important rule of all is to have fun and enjoy the ItsFunneh And The Krew Quiz. I hope your a fan like I am so enjoy

Created by: Maisie
  1. When is Draco birthday
  2. What is Lunars real name
  3. When did Funneh make her first video
  4. Does itsFunneh and the krew have another channel?
  5. When did Funneh do the Seattle vlog
  6. What was Funnehs second vlog
  7. Who is the youngest girl in the krew
  8. When did lunar post her first video
  9. How many people are in the krew
  10. What is funneh Roblox username
  11. What is lunar real hair color

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Quiz topic: How well do I know itsFunneh and the Krew