Do You Belong in Seattle?

This is a quiz to determine if you belong in Seattle. It also test how much you know about it. The questions are pretty easy, so don't worry about it and have fun!

I hope you score high, because Seattle is amazing! Just do your best and hope you get a good score. Please enjoy my quiz and don't cheat on google!!!!!

Created by: GrayArtist

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you a Starbucks drinker?
  2. Do you know any of the people who work there?
  3. What's Seattle's nickname?
  4. Your opinioin of the weather?
  5. Are you into the Fine Arts? *art, music, drama, writing*
  6. You're walking around the Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle at night. What would be best to have with you?
  7. Trivia time! Question 1: What is the actual name of the famous spaghetti place in Seattle?
  8. Question 2: Name a shop down by the piers.
  9. What is one sea creature that lives in Puget Sound?
  10. Do you love Seattle?
  11. Please rate and comment!

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Quiz topic: Do I Belong in Seattle?